Selk'bag Rainforest Sleeping Bag Suit

Crafted with 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics, insulation, and zippers. This limited edition Selk'bag wearable sleeping bag is inspired by the Patagonian jungle, an homage to the flora and fauna of the southern end of the world.



Adjustable Insulated Hood

The attached hood is both insulated and adjustable for best fit, warmth and comfort.

Dual Zipper

Quick, practical and durable dual zipper design so you can access your pockets or fly.

Kangaroo Pocket

Bring your hands to rest and stash anything you need handily.

Elastic Hand Enclosures

Elastic no-hassle hand openings allow you to bring your hands in and out of the bag quickly and effortlessly.

Removable Booties

Zip-off booties reinforced with durable nylon so you can wear your own shoes when active, or the booties when sleeping.


Hollow Fibre Insulation

Synthetic insulation made up of tiny circular clusters of fibre that mimic the properties of down clusters, keep you toasty on the go or while sleeping.

Soft Polyester Shell

Soft polyester shell and lining.

Weather resistant with DWR coating

This finish provides coating protection, making it repellent against water and stain resistant.


Rating Temperatures (ISO 23537)



2.11 lb / 0.96 kg


2.58 lb / 1.17 kg


2.88 lb / 1.31 kg


3.32 lb / 1.51 kg

Made from 54 plastic bottles

100% post-consumer recycled fabric, insulation and zippers

Limited Edition Pattern

Machine Washable

100% Recycled Materials

The Selk’bag Rainforest outer shell, linings, zippers and insulation are made with 100% post-consumer recycled material fibres.

Fifty-four (54) discarded plastic bottles are recycled into polyester fibres to produce each bag, taking a meaningful step towards more sustainable production. Requiring fewer resources, generating less waste, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helps us better protect people’s health and push for a more sustainable planet.


This new model, came to life trough our alliance with Parque Oncol, one of the largest reserves of biodiversity on the face of the planet. A one-of-a-kind marvel that inspired us in the creation of this design, which sports the species most symbolic of this incredible place, like the Monito del Monte (a small marsupial opossum) and the Chucao bird.

Parque Oncol, nestled on the coast of Valdivia, in northern Chilean Patagonia, is home to an inmense diversity of endemic flora and fauna as a result of glacial movements 18,000 years ago. The park's mountain Oncol, Mirador and Nahuelbuta remained iced-free in this period of time, thus creating an environment that supports this park, as the largest reserve of biodiversity in South America, and one of the largest on the planet.

Check out the park’s ecosystem via a virtual tour.

Selk Bag Size Guide

Selk'bag Size Guide


A proper fit is essential to fully enjoying all the Selk'bag has to offer. All Selk'bag models are unisex, meaning they are suitable for men and women.

The size you need will depend on the activity you'll use it for the most : to sleep, be active, both, or any other thing you can think of. To help you choose we’ve put together a Fitting Guide with comprehensive information.

In case you still unsure which size to choose, please contact us anytime and we'll be glad to help!

Size Small
Fits up to 4'11" / 150cm Tall

If you are between 4’5” and 4’9” this is your size. It can fit up to 4'11'' if you intend to use it while active, without booties.

Size Medium
Fits up to 5'5" / 165cm Tall

If you are between 4'9'' and 5'3'' this is your size. It can fit up to 5'5'' if you intend to use it while active, without booties.

Size Large
Fits up to 5'11" / 180cm Tall

If you are between 5'3'' and 5'9'' this is your size. It can fit up to 5'11'' if you intend to use it while active, without booties.

Size X-Large
Fits up to 6'4" / 193cm Tall

If you are between 5'9'' and 6'2'' this is your size. It can fit up to 6'4'' if you intend to use it while active, without booties.

How To Measure

A – Total Length: Measure your height from the top of your head to your toes.

B – Girth Chest/Bust: Measure in the fullest part.

C – Girth Waist: Measure your waist at the narrowest point.

D – Girth Hip: Measure in the fullest part.

E – Inseam: Measure from the top of your inside leg down to the floor.

Selk'bag Size Chart


Total Length

Up to 4'11" / 150cm

Up to 5'5" / 165cm

Up to 5'11" / 180cm

Up to 6'4" / 193cm

Girth Chest

Up to 40.2" / 102cm

40.2"-43.3" / 102-110cm

43.3"-46.5" / 110-118cm

46.5"-51.2" / 118-130cm

Girth Waist

Up to 39.4" / 100cm

39.4"-42.5" / 100-108cm

42.5"-45.7" / 108-116cm

45.7"-50.4" / 116-128cm

Girth Hip

Up to 40.2" / 102cm

40.2"-43.3" / 102-110cm

43.3"-46.5" / 110-118cm

46.5"-51.2" / 118-130cm


Up to 25.6" / 65cm

25.6"-29.5" / 65-75cm

29.5"-33.5" / 75-85cm

33.5"-37.4" / 85-95cm

In-between sizes?

A looser fit is better for more comfortable sleeping, while a tighter fit is better for mobility - but may restrict sleeping comfort if booties are left on.

We always recommend to size up if you are in between sizes or not completely sure. It's better to have a little bit more room while using your Selk'bag!

Original 6G

Please keep in mind that our Original 6G model, due to a higher insulation loft (contains more padding insulation than the Lite 6G) makes it more snug, so we recommend to size up if you are 1'' to 3'' below the in between size range (i.e if you are getting the Original 6G and you are 5'9'' we recommend getting an XL)